National Technical Committee 124 on Industrial Process Measurement and Control of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC124)

SAC/TC124 undertakes the technical works of national standardization in the field of industrial process measurement and control, under the leadership of Standardization Administration of China (SAC), and under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF).
SAC/TC124 is committed to establishing and revising the national and industrial standards for industrial process measurement and control, as the counterpart in China of the IEC/TC65 “industrial process measurement, control and automation,” and the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC30 “measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits”. Its main tasks include: developing the communication network protocol standards for industrial process measurement and control; establishing various instruments, actuators and control equipment standards and safety standards.
SAC/TC124 currently consists of 10 sub-committees, namely SC1 “Sub-committee of Temperature, Mechanical Value, Level and Structural Devices”, SC2 “Sub-committee of Control Meter and Devices, Industrial Control Computer System”, SC3 “Sub-committee of Pressure Meter”, SC4 “Sub-committee of Digital Communication (Fieldbus) and System”, SC5 “Sub-committee of Programmable Logic Controller and System”, SC6 “Sub-committee of Analytical Instruments”, SC7 “Technical Sub-committee of Industrial Online Calibration Method”, SC8 “Technical Sub-committee of Intelligent Recording Instruments”, SC9 “Technical Sub-committee of Petroleum Products Testing Instrument” and SC10 “Technical Sub-committee of System and Functional Safety”. At present, SAC/TC124 has nearly 500 members, distributed across all relevant sectors.


SAC/TC124 and its sub-committees are committed to:


★TC124: standardization work related to industrial process measurement and control; coordinating sub-committees; international standards management for IEC/TC65 and ISO/TC30 counterparts.
★ SC1: standardization work related to temperature, flow, mechanical value, level, display instruments, actuators and structural devices;
★ SC2: standardization work related to controlling instruments and devices, industrial control computer and systems;
★ SC3: standardization work related to pressure scales;
★ SC4: standardization work related to IEC/SC65C (industrial network);
★ SC5: standardization work related to programmable logic controller (PLC);
★SC6: standardization work related to IEC/SC65B/WG14 (analyzing equipment), including developing and revising standards for the analyzing and measuring instruments of material composition, chemical structure and physical properties and the measuring technique of these instruments as well;
★SC7: standardization work for enthalpy testbeds, cooling capacity testbeds (such as compressor performance testbeds, etc.), automotive environment simulation laboratories, and product standards for and methods of laboratory process signal calibrators; standardization work for air conditioning cooling capacity transfer;
★ SC8: standardization work for intelligent recording instruments and related products, including paperless recorder and its derivative products, such as regulation recorder, totalizer recorder, high-speed recorder and PC recorder etc.;
★ SC9: standardization work for special test equipments of petroleum products;

★ SC10: standardization work related to  IEC/SC65A (system aspect), including developing and revising standards for working conditions (e.g. EMC), system evaluation method, functional safety, safety instrument systems etc.


As of August 31, 2012, 317 national standards and 305 industrial standards have been developed by SAC/TC124. There’re 209 national standards plan and 124 industrial standards plan. These standards are under developing.


Affiliated to ITEI, the Secretariat of SAC/TC124 has the only demonstration laboratory in China that features a variety of fieldbus (including real-time Ethernet and industrial wireless). Furthermore, the ITEI Laboratory of Measurement and Control Equipment and Systems, recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), can provide a demonstration, testing and training platform for its users and research institutes, automation businesses and instrumentation of all sectors. Meanwhile, SAC/TC124 holds a seminar on “Industrial Automation and Standardization” every year, to exchange information and promote cooperation among automation users, manufacturers, research institutes, universities and experts at home and abroad.


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National Technical Committee 338 on Safety of Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC338)


Founded in 2009, SAC/TC338 has 42 members and 1 consultant, mirror to IEC/TC 66 (safety of electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use). SAC/TC338 is committed to developing safety standards for testing and measuring equipments, industrial process control and laboratory use.


IEC/TC66 is made up of the following working groups:


★ WG1: general requirements
★ WG2: safety requirements for electrical measurement and test equipment
★ WG7: safety requirements for the sterilization, cleaning and disinfection of materials
★ WG8: particular safety requirements for machinery
★ WG9: heating and cooling equipment
★ MT10: special laboratory equipment
★ MT13: IEC 61010-2-020 (centrifuges) amendment

★ JWG13: safety requirements for industrial process measurement, control and automation equipment (functional safety not included)


SAC/TC338 has been playing an active part in developing the standards system for manufacturing industry, including developing and revising safety standards for such fields as industrial automation products, analytical and testing devices, electricity metering equipments, and medical equipments, etc., with an aim to further improve the manufacturing standards. On the other hand, it also took part in the formulation of “The Special Plan for Technical Standards under the Development Plan for Science and Technology in the 12th Five-year Plan”, participating in discussions and putting forward constructive suggestions on such questions as follows: during the 12th Five-year Plan period, how can technology be classified to support the technical standardization, so that the fair, advanced and international nature of these standards can be highlighted; how to reflect the innovative spirit of the corporate body and technical standards; how to take advantage of the industrial technology innovation strategic alliances to promote the standardization of the alliance; how to bring the potential of the local science and technology department and the local quality and technical supervision bureau into full play in implementing the plan and providing technological support and technical standards; etc.


The framework of SAC/TC338 standard system is as follows:

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National Technical Committee 526 on Laboratory Instrument and Equipment of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC526)


Founded in 2011, SAC/TC526, formerly known as Technical Committee on Laboratory Instrument and Equipment in Machinery Industry (CMIF/TC16), boasts 70 members, and 3 consultants. It is committed to developing and revising national and industrial standards for laboratory instruments and devices, such as dynamic test equipment, test chamber and climatic and environmental test equipment, laboratory centrifuge, strain measuring instrument, noise measurement instrument, and laboratory autoclave, etc. The framework of SAC/TC526 standards system is as follows:


The standard system framework of SAC/TC526 is set up on the basis of the work of the former CMIF/TC16 has done. According to the business scope approved by SAC, SAC/TC526 has developed a product category that is the most-needed in the market and the latest in the industry, such as laboratory devices, rapid detection and mobile devices, and virtual instruments etc. Till now, 16 product categories have been shaped in total, and 167 standards included in the system, across a broad spectrum of 13 categories such as test chambers and climatic and environmental test equipments, centrifuges, scales, thermal analyzers etc, namely 63 test chambers and climatic and environmental test equipments, 17 balances, 13 heat analyzers, 10 centrifuges, 5 strain gauges, 7 acoustic instruments, 2 agricultural equipments, 5 geotechnical engineering instruments (including soil), 11 power testing instruments (including vibration), 5 vacuum equipment and testing instruments, 9 laboratory autoclaves, 3 casting test equipments, and 17 other specialized laboratory equipments.


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