National Demonstration Platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Collective Notes  (SMECN)
ITEI is committed to research and development of the common and basic technology in instrumentation and automation industry. In recent years, it has undertaken and completed many key national science and technology research programs, such as 863 Program, Key Technology R&D Program, Science and Technology Infrastructure Construction Program, Social Public Service Research Program, R&D Program of Research Institutes, National Soft Science Research Program, etc. On this basis, ITEI has established a service platform of instrumentation and automation technology innovation for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a purpose of providing domestic and international instrumentation enterprises with such services as research and development, experimenting, standards promotion, information resources, technical consultancy, technology promotion, and professional training etc. In 2011, ITEI was included in the first batch of National Demonstration Platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Collective Notes (SMECN) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Main Services Provided by the Innovation Service Platform

★ Standardization research and consultancy, standards development for instrumentation, measurement & control and automation products;
★Communication performance tests, environment and reliability tests, electromagnetic radiation (EMC) tests, and safety performance tests for instrumentation products, control networks and automation systems;
★ Safety technology research and product development, functional safety assessment, certification, consultancy, and engineering services for measurement and control equipment and systems;
★ Industrial communication (fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless) technology research and development, consistency and interoperability tests;
★ Database development of computer information management system, construction of China instrument information network, and editing and publishing of China Instrument Manufacturers Directory, Instrumentation Products Catalog;
★ Technical and economic development strategy research, development planning, market analysis and forecast, feasibility report and other soft science research and consultancy in equipment manufacturing industry;
★ Technical exchanges and achievements promotion of national and international new technologies and new products; corporate image and product promotion in forms of printed and network media, forum and exhibition, etc.


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