Management Department consists of Office, Research Management Office, Personnel Office, Financial Office and Administration Office.
Its main duties are as follows:



To make drafts of ITEI meetings minutes, spread their gists and organize the implementation work

Secretarial work and file management

Foreign affairs management

Fixed assets management, property insurance, government procurement management

Research Management Office

Project management (project information, application and reporting, liaison, implementation checks)

Research management (yearly planning, business agreement and assessment), coordination management


Personnel Office

Institution setup, personnel management (staffing and employments etc.)

Assessment (monthly and yearly assessment, cadres assessment)

Appraisal and fixing of wages, welfare, provident fund and other expenses

Staff training

Retiree management

Daily and routine work of the party, inspection and supervision committees


Financial Office

Financial management, accounting (budget and final accountings, balance of payment, reimbursement auditing, apportionment and payroll etc.)

Economic operation analysis

Implementation of various financial regulations (government procurement system)


Administration Office

Comprehensive management of the working and residential areas and other administrative work

Comprehensive management/control (fire safety, public security within the institute and environment improvement)

Housing repairs, equipment and facilities maintenance

Administrative budget planning and implementation

Application, organization, implementation and acceptance of construction projects

Approval and granting of dividend funds and housing allowances, management and allocation of office premises, assets operation 

Apportionment of rents and utilities and collection of administrative expenses etc.