Key Lab of Functional Safety for Measurement Control Network and System in Machinery Industry

The Lab is capable of developing protocols and making hardware designs for a variety of fieldbus, thus providing its users with technical consultancy about their product development. With regards to the technical problems arising in the testing and development process, the Lab will make researches, mainly targeting the platforms with lower hardware equipments, on the efficient methods of achieving the industrial communication protocols, and influences of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) on high-speed digital communication circuits and system designs as well.


Meanwhile, the Lab is researching and constructing the functional safety technology and system, with its priority put on breakthroughs in key functional safety assurance and evaluation technologies. In the meantime, the Lab also endeavors to build on the basis of its researches a database to enhance the promotion and application of functional safety technology. Moreover, in order to sort out and improve the applicable data, the Lab is also committed to researching the technological theories and methods to access to the basic supporting data, despite of the scarcity of available facts and the complexity of the data.


The Lab carries in-depth industrial research on the gap in the security field between Chinese and international industries. Moreover, it strives to improve the current national standards for functional safety and has gradually fashioned a system of standards and specifications for different industries. In cooperation with enterprises, universities, research institutes and other organizations, the Lab has trained a group of highly-qualified professional and technical talents for functional safety. Step by step, it has established a repertory of human resources in a wide range of industries and fields, such as technical research of functional safety, product development, consultancy and applications, etc. And on this basis, the Lab endeavors to promote industrialization of functional safety, with the aim to bring China’s safety technology to a new level.

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