As the secretariat for those technical organizations based in ITEI, Technology Promotion Center is responsible for its members and provides services to them. The Center is committed to such tasks as spreading and implementing industrial standards for industrial process measurement and control, and promoting its technology as well. Since it has established a close working relationship with both domestic and international counterparts, the Center can provide such services as technology promotion and application research to the industry and enterprises, by means of releasing, spreading and implementing standards, providing technical training, and holding seminars etc. In this sense, the Center helps to promote exchanges between the international organizations of the industry and related fields in China (manufacturing, design, research, application organizations and users). With a more-than-ten-years experience in this area, the Center has won widespread support and trust.


Service Target and Technology Promotion Mode

★ To establish a cooperative win-win partnership, and build a platform for the technology exchanges and promotions of the industry, enterprises and markets.

★ To provide promotion services by combining market demands with tailored services, basically through such platforms as information dissemination and communication via printed or network media, product display, seminars, and qualification trainings like occupational skills and professional technical grade, etc.


Service Platform

★ Secretariat for Industrial and Technical Organizations
China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application--- China Association For Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i China)
China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application---China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association (PI-China)
KNX China Group
China Instruments Manufacturers Association---China Fieldbus Foundation Committee (CFFC)
Instrumentation Industry Center under Occupational Skill Testing Authority of Machinery Industry
Qualified organizations for technology exhibition accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology

China Instrumentation (Journal)
Approved by and registered in General Administration of Press and Publication of P.R. China, China Instrumentation (monthly) was launched in 1981 as a comprehensive technical journal officially published both at home and abroad. At present, it is sponsored, under the directorship of China Machinery Industry Federation, by ITEI and China Instrument Manufacturers Association (IMA). By far, China Instrumentation is an authoritative media in instrumentation and automation field in China.

Instrument Standardization and Metrology (Journal)
“Instrument Standardization & Metrology” was first published in 1985 and is a professional technical journal for national and international distribution bimonthly. It is organized by Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute, P.R.C. and greatly supported by Secretariat of China TC of Industrial Process Measurement and Control. It exclusively reports ISO/IEC standard information and the reports of international meeting of IEC/SC65 and provides with strong profession, high technology, profuse information and wide distribution.
The content of the journal involves in the research, development and application for industrial automation control network and intelligent instruments, the tracking introduction for hotspot technology and the updated issue of national standard and machinery industry standard etc. It serves developers and researchers, engineers, managers, salesmen and users.
In addition, it is a bridge between enterprises and users, and helps enterprises to develop market, build up their brand and promote their products.

★ Forums on Industrial Automation and Standardization
Technology Promotion Center hosts the annual forum on “industrial automation and standardization” for the Secretariat of SAC/TC124. The themes and contents of these forums, emblems of experts’ wisdom, are presented and set in accordance with the advanced technical projection of international counterparts and domestic development trend and market demand, etc. These forums serve as a platform that connects multinational manufacturers, domestic enterprises and experts in the application field. In this sense, it promotes the industrial technology development, and the technology exchanges among manufacturers, scholars, researchers, enterprises and application fields. Since 1998, 11 forums have been held in all.


1st Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 1988

--- Fieldbus Standardization and China’s Industrial Automation

2nd Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2003

--- Future of Industrial Automation Network

3rd Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2004

--- China’s Industrial Informatization & Measurement and Control Network

4th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2005

--- Integrated Solutions of Industrial Communication Systems and Safe Control Technology

5th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2006

--- Industrial Network Technology and Its Application in Safety Control

6th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2007

--- Safe, Integrated, Collaborative: New Focuses on Automation Technology

7th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2008

--- Functional Safety Standardization and Application Technology

8th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2009

--- Advanced Measurement and Control Technology & Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

9th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2010

--- High Availability & High Safety Control System and Equipment Manufacturing

10th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2011

--- Measurement & Control Technology and Application in Advanced Intelligent Equipment

11th Industrial Automation and Standardization Forum, 2012

--- Security & Safety and Application of Measurement and Control System


★ Live Demonstration on Exhibitions and Seminars
Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ITEI is entitled to put on technology exhibitions. In order to meet the need for developing the industrial technology and the need for promoting and applying the technical achievements at stages, Technology Promotion Center organizes and participates in live demonstrations on exhibitions and seminars of related technology and equipments.

★Professional and Technical Trainings
Entrusted by industrial organizations and enterprises, Technology Promotion Center also provides professional and technical trainings, which have been included in the Knowledge Renewal Program for Professional Technicians in Modern Manufacturing Industry (653 Program) of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Meanwhile, the trainings are also part of the training programs of instrumentation appraisal and automatic control for occupational skills in machinery industry.


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