China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association

China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association (PI-China, was founded in March 2010 in Beijing. As the only RPA organization recognized and supported by PI International in China, PI-China has the final say on all activities of PI in China, with whom it has a close connection in technical support and business. PI-China is an industrial organization devoted to promoting the application of PROFIBUS & PROFINET technology in factory automation, process automation, and building automation in China. Any manufacturers, integrators, sellers as well as research institutes, technical extension services (media included) and other users and experts related to PROFIBUS & PROFINET control system and equipment are welcome to join us.



PI-China Business Scope:

★ Marketing the technologies, standards and products related to PROFIBUS & PROFINET in China, providing technical support for its members;
★ In coordination with PI International, helping establish in China Competence centers, test labs and training centers related to PROFIBUS & PROFINET technology;
★ Promoting and supporting Chinese enterprises to independently develop innovative products in line with PROFIBUS & PROFINET standards, so as to enhance the overall level of China’s equipment manufacturing industry;
★ Compiling, producing, printing, writing and publishing newsletters, journals and web pages etc. related to PROFIBUS & PROFINET business or any related activities, giving publicity to the aim and activities of PI-China;

★ Conducting market researches on PROFIBUS & PROFINET in China, in order to provide a reference to better develop PROFIBUS & PROFINET technology and products.



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China Association for Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i Interface)

China Association for Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i Interface)is a national and industrial organization made up of experts, manufacturers, integrators, vendors, research institutes, extension services and users etc., who are engaged in the production and application of AS-i systems and equipments, as well as the research, promotion and training of AS-Interface technology. AS-i is devoted to promoting the application of the AS-Interface technology in China in factory automation, process automation, building automation and mobile device automation. AS-i China is the only non-profit regional organization in China recognized and supported by AS-International, thus having the final say on all AS-International activities in China.
AS-i China has been committed to promoting the development of the AS-Interface technology in China and the application of products compliant with AS-Interface standards. Meanwhile, it supports Chinese enterprises to develop independently innovative products in line with the AS-Interface standards.

The AS-i China board of directors are made up of members from Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH (Taicang), Festo (China), IFM Electronic (Shanghai), PEPPER+FUCHS (Shanghai), Siemens (China) and ITEI. Wuxi Wilson Valve Control Co., Ltd. is its member.


AS-i China’s marketing and promotional activities:
★ Industrial exhibition
★ Technical symposium
★  Product release on the AS-i China website (
★ Company logo labeling and advertising on the website
★ Company profile posted on the website

★ Printed promotional materials



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KNX China Group (KNX China)

KNX China Group (KNX China) was founded at the end of 2008 in Beijing, for the purpose of promoting the application of KNX technology and standards in Chinese market and supporting Chinese enterprises to develop products that meet the KNX standards. Its members are those world leading brands in the field of intelligent building, e.g. ABB, Hager, Schneider and Siemens. With the support and assistance of KNX International and its key members, KNX China has carried out many successful promotional activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the three cities in China with advanced level of intelligent building. As a result, an increasing number of Chinese companies begin to know, develop, produce and use KNX (products), and many individuals have also shown a keen interest in KNX. In this sense, KNX China believes that KNX has a promising future in China. As an intermediary organization authorized by KNX International, KNX China is still to work hard and continue to grow and develop, in order to provide its members (especially Chinese manufacturers and users) with more substantive services. In 2012, the KNX China Test Lab was officially open for business; at the beginning of 2013, the KNX Training Center went into operation.

Up till now, KNX Association has no doubt a great significance in the industry, having 294 members, covering 33 countries and regions. It also boasts 31 international branches worldwide and currently has more than 40 members, including 10 manufacturers. As KNX is gaining momentum in China in recent years, we hope that more and more manufacturers, integrators, end users and other relevant institutions and universities will join KNX China to promote China's construction and development of intelligent buildings.



KNX China's responsibilities:

★ Carry out various promotional activities of KNX
★ Translate KNX-related materials and publish KNX periodicals
★ Recruit new members
★ Promote cooperation among its members
★ Promote the applications of ETS software
★ Provide KNX product test
★ Carry out professional trainings for KNX technology
★ Organize professional institutes to conduct researches on the promotion and development of KNX technology in China
★ Coordinate KNX relationships with other standards committee

★ Daily management



KNX China’s aims:

To promote the application of KNX home and building control technology and standards in China; to support Chinese enterprises to develop products that meet the KNX standards; to provide services to its users; and to promote the development of intelligent building in China.


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China Fieldbus Foundation Committee of China Instruments Manufacturer’s Association (CFFC)

On April 10, 2012, ITEI received a notice from China Instrument Manufactures Association (IMA), asking it to prepare for its membership reelection in accordance with IMA regulations and its branch rules. On October 8, 2012, the reelection plan and procedures was approved. On October 18, 2012, the reelection meeting was held, where the Regulations and member list of CFFC Third Committee were passed; and the election and appointment methods of the CFFC Third Committee was reviewed and approved. This meeting also elected the chairman, vice chairman, honorary chairman and secretary-general of the Third Committee.


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