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ITEI’s KNX Test Lab is the first one in China and the sixth in the world, which is authorized by the KNX Association after passing its assessment in October 2011. Till now, it is also the second KNX test laboratory worldwide which is capable of conducting tests on functionality and interoperability, as well as on the data part of the TP1data link layer, the network layer, transport layer, application (Interface) layer and management.
The establishment of the Lab has brought great convenience and reliable technical support to Chinese users of KNX for their product tests. It will not only give a great impetus to the KNX technology popularization and application in China, but also will promote the intelligent building control technology.


Tests Include:

GB/Z20965-2007 “Control Network HBES Technical Specification --- Home and Building Control System”
KNX Specifications, Volume 8/2/2: TP1 Physical and Link Layer Test
KNX Specifications, Volume 8/3/3: Network Layer Test
KNX Specifications, Volume 8/3/4: Transport Layer Test
KNX Specifications, Volume 8/3/7: Application (Interface) Layer Test--- Network Management Server/Client Test
KNX Specifications, Volume 8/6/3: Test of EMI-IMI (Local Service Test)

KNX Specifications, Volume 8/7/1: Interworking & Functionality Test

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