Network control Research Center has been committed to the research and application of the most state-of-the-art network control technologies for industrial communication, including: development consultancy and certification testing for various industrial communication and fieldbus products; industrial control network, performance assessment of intelligent instrument product; integration and engineering application of industrial automation system; environment adaptability evaluation and optimization of industrial control network; and such technology trainings as development, engineering design, on-site installation and fault diagnosis etc. of various types of control network.


(1) Research on Industrial Network Control Technology

The Center has been playing a leading role in the field of industrial communication and network control. Its top priority has been given to the application and research on key scientific and technological projects both at national and local level concerning the advanced manufacturing and network control. From the 9th Five-year Plan (1996-2000) to the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) period, the Center has participated in the key projects of 863 Program as well as such science and technology projects as “Research on Fieldbus System and Intelligent Instrument”, “Research on Functional Safety Standards for Industrial Control Network and Industrial Automation”, “Fieldbus Control Equipment Based on the High-speed Ethernet Technology”, “Digital Instrumentation of Process Industry”, “R&D of Industrial Wireless Technology and Network Measurement and Control System”, “R&D of WIA-based Wireless Monitoring and Control Service and Systems”, etc.


(2) Development Consultancy and Certification Testing for Various Industrial Communication and Fieldbus Products

Authorized by such international organizations as the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), Modbus-IDA, ETHERNET POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG), KNX Association, HART Communication Foundation (HCF) etc., ITEI has established a number of certification testing laboratories for fieldbus products using PROFIBUS, PROFIdrive, MODBUS, POWERLINK, KNX and HART, offering consistency and interoperability testing services to domestic automation and instrumentation manufacturers for their products.

KNX Test Lab


HART & WirelessHART Test Lab
 MODBUS Test Lab


(3) Performance Evaluation of Industrial Control Networks and Intelligent Instrumentation Products

Many factors should be taken into consideration, including timeliness, determinacy, reliability, high availability, integrity, as well as instinct safety, functional safety and communication safety, etc., when network communication technology is applied to industrial control environment. For example, IEC 61784-2 has laid out a variety of performance indicators for the real-time Ethernet applied in industry, such as delivery time, the number of end nodes and switches between them, network topology, RTE throughput, non-RTE bandwidth, time synchronization accuracy, non-time base synchronization precision, and redundant recovery time etc. Based on the above indicators, the Center makes analyses, evaluations and optimizations of industrial control network systems and products.


(4) Integration and Engineering Application of Industrial Automation Systems

With the comprehensive use of such technologies as automatic control, computer, fieldbus, intelligent instruments and control devices, the Center provides integration solutions of industrial automation systems, so as to meet the actual needs of the industrial production. These solutions feature such functions as detection, control, scheduling, management etc, covering the whole lifecycle of engineering applications from design to installation, commissioning, site troubleshooting, maintenance etc.


(5) Environment Adaptability Evaluation and Optimization of Industrial Control Network

The Center also provides testing and evaluations for environment adaptability, such as EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), high and low temperature environment etc. Optimization plan can be given according to the results of the tests and evaluations. Moreover, it can also make assessments for the electromagnetic environment of the industrial field, fault diagnosis of electromagnetic causes and related rectification solution.

EMC Field Assessment


(6) Fieldbus Technology Consulting and Training

To the meet the practical needs for fieldbus product development, design and installation of the fieldbus control system, as well as site troubleshooting in an industrial production environment, the Center provides tailored training services with different contents of different levels. Up till now, it has carried out and is going to carry out the following technical trainings: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, KNX, etc.

(7) Integration Demonstration of Network Control Technology

The Center boasts a network control laboratory which is a fieldbus laboratory with the most complete varieties in the country and the world, encompassing nearly 20 kinds of the most mainstream fieldbus technologies.

PROFIBUS Test & Demo System
HART Test & Demo System
POWERLINK Test & Demo System
ControlNet & EtherNet/IP Test & Demo System
MODBUS Test & Demo System
CC-Link Test & Demo System
PROFIsafe Test & Demo System
Interbus Test& Demo System


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