China Fieldbus Optimizing Service Center (CCEF)

CCEF is a science and technology cooperation project between Chinese and Austrian government, implemented jointly by ITEI (China) and Computer Technology Research Institute of Vienna University (Austria). 


With support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, through five-year efforts of the two cooperative sides, CCEF has developed into a laboratory for testing and demonstration systems, with the most complete varieties of fieldbus products, the widest range of tests and the most advanced equipments in China. In all, the laboratory, equipped with 8 kinds of the most advanced fieldbus demonstration systems in the world, is capable of making tests on interoperability, conformance, performance and functional safety. Besides, it can also design and develop new products and provide such services as training and technical support etc.


CCEF upholds a principle of striving to be the most advanced while remaining open–minded and diversified. It provides technical services with extensibility, manageability and safety. With an aim to testing products, developing and designing new products and meeting the market demand, CCEF provides domestic enterprises with quality services that are grounded on international advanced technology.
CCEF provides four kinds of services: laboratories for industrial application; laboratories for core technologies; laboratories for quality control; and basic network support environment.


Contact Us

Address: ITEI, 397A Guanganmenwai St., Beijing, China, 100055
Contact Person: Liu Dan         Tel.: +86-10-63322089  Fax: +86-10-63490489