China Instrumentation

China Instrumentation is a comprehensive technical journal officially published and issued at home and abroad. It was founded in 1981 as the “official journal” of the State Administration of Instrument Industry, registered and approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the P. R. China. Currently, the journal is administrated by China Machinery Industry Federation and sponsored by Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute (ITEI) and China Instrument Manufactures Association (IMA). As a medium specializing in the instrumentation, automation and control technology in China, the prestigious journal has won much attention and affection from its readers, and also has extended considerable influence on the field of instrumentation, automation and control. CN No.: CN11-3359/TH, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1005-2852.


Aim: The journal aims to spread the scientific knowledge of instrumentation and automation control by tracking the latest international technological development and exploring technological innovations. Moreover, it strives to promote the exchange of experiences in product development and application and give publicity to outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs, thus opening a channel for technology promotion.


Features: The journal is oriented to closely tracking the latest technological and industrial development of instrumentation and automation and control both in China and in the world. With a focus on such aspects as market demand, high-tech development, project application, energy saving, functional safety, information security and related technology, the journal features reports on the development trends and information in the fields of instrumentation, process control, system theory, application technology etc., highlighting such important columns as practical application, discussion forum, and technical organizations etc.


Readership: The Journal is targeted at the technical and management personnel who are engaged in such works as research, design, application, production, and marketing etc in the following fields: machinery and electronics, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, communications, environmental protection, instrumentation, aerospace, municipal construction, agriculture, food processing, textiles, light industry, transportation, construction, military industry, computer etc.


Major Sections: “Information and Trends”, “Topic of the Day”, “Column • Sensor”, “Interview”, “Application Research”, “Technology Discussion” and so on.


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Instrument Standardization and Metrology

Founded in 1985, Instrument Standardization and Metrology (bimonthly) is a comprehensive journal targeted at tens of thousands of businesses in industrial automation and instrumentation industry and hundreds of thousands of readers of all trades and professions. It is the only one professional scientific journal that reports the international standardization of ISO/IEC automation and its trends. CN No.: CN11-3365/TK, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1672-5611.


Features: professional, high-tech, informative and extensive.


Contents: industry trends, standard release, international standardization; researches, development and application of industrial automation and control systems and intelligent instrumentation; hot issues in industrial automation and instrumentation safety technology, industrial wireless communication technology; series of thematic or technical lectures.


Major Sections: Industry Trend, Standardization, Market Tracking, Spotlight, Seminar, Communications and so on.


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