Instrumentation Technology and Economy Institute (ITEI) was founded in 1980 based on the research of standards and soft science. From that beginning, it has now become an S&R neutral agency, which focuses on research of basic common technologies and leading-edge technologies, such as measurement control and automation technologies. ITEI is a state-owned research institute.


Business scope of ITEI is:


Standardization technology research and standard development in the area of instrumentation and automation;


Safety and performance test of instrumentation, control network and automation system;


Safety assurance technology research of measurement control device and system;


Research and development of industrial communication technologies (Fieldbus, industry wireless, etc.);


Computer information system development and construction;


Market research and consultation on equipment manufacturing development strategy research, planning, market analysis and forecasting, etc.


Technical communication, training, standard propagandizing, new product and achievement promotion; secretariat of specific technical organization (or association); publish two magazines, i.e. <China Instrumentation> and <Instrumentation Standardization & Metrology>.


Since its founding, ITEI has developed and implemented more than 300 national standards and industrial standards in the field of industry automation and instrument. It has undertaken many national key scientific and research projects. Our research has brought about significant influence home and abroad.